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E-Learning: Gangs and Youth Violence (1 hr)

Event/course Code SCB 18/342
Event/course type E-Learning (Interactive session accessed by computer)
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Event/course summary Please ignore the event date and time. A benefit of e-learning is that you are able to complete this training at any time or place from a computer with internet access. Develop your knowledge of gangs and youth violence with this comprehensive e-learning course. Understand what gangs are and what they do, the extent of the problem, the part women and girls play in gangs, and what can be done to prevent gang recruitment and safeguard at-risk youth.
Aims This course covers a comprehensive overview of the subject of gangs and youth violence, so you will understand what gangs are and what they do, the part women and girls play in gangs, and what can be done to prevent youth violence and gang recruitment. This course contains three modules which give you a very clear picture of the state of the UK today. 
Learning outcomes - skills and knowledge Once you’ve completed this course, you’ll have a knowledge of:

  • The ways gangs are defined and how gang violence is measured

  • Territorial conflicts

  • The risk factors for gang membership, and the warning signs that a young person is in a gang

  • The roles women and girls play in gangs and why they join

  • How they’re sexually exploited by gangs and the signs

  • The windows of opportunity for intervention

  • Racial bias regarding gangs and how to challenge your own thinking about violent youth

  • The importance of inter-agency cooperation and intervening early

  • Methods for schools to handle at-risk and disruptive students

  • The role of the police, hospitals, and third sector groups in preventing gang recruitment and violence

Intended impact on practice Upon completion of this course you will have learnt the risk factors, the common reasons why somebody might self-harm, and how to respond to any young person who you suspect may be self-harming.
Additional event/course information Once your manager has approved your request for this training you will receive an email within 7 days from the e-learning website (hosted by Me Learning) with your logon details. It is an expectation for the training to be completed within 6 weeks of receiving the course confirmation. Upon successful completion of this course you will be automatically awarded a certificate containing the course name, completion date, CPD hours and learning objectives. The course contains additional resource materials, useful links and a refresher guide. The e-learning has sound, but you can complete the training without it if your IT equipment does not enable you to hear it.

Your access to the training may be withdrawn if it is not completed within 12 months.
Who is this event for? The course aims to help anyone who works with adults or children to recognise the signs that someone is in a gang or may be involved in youth violence. It is especially helpful for front line workers within the community, education, and in the targeted youth support services. 
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Subject Areas Adolescents / Anti-bullying / Assessment / BAME / Behaviour & Attendance / Child Protection / Corporate Parenting / Early Help / Engaging Children & Families / Escorting Children & Young People / Evaluation & Assessment / Family Assessment / Family Support / Identity / Information Sharing / Looked after Children / Mental Health / Parenting / PSHE / Psychology / Safeguarding (Children & Young People) / Social Care / Social Work (Children & Young People) / Team Around the Child / Young Carers / Young People / Youth Work
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Event/course organiser Carline Benoit
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